Bree’s Birthday Bash Sponsor Spotlight- Lilla Rose!!

Bree’s Birthday Bash officially launched July 30th and we have had a blast with Bree as we are celebrating her 8th year!!  She is loving all the fabulous prizes she has gotten for her birthday and she is so excited to share them with you all!!
The giveaway event begins August 15th- so be sure to check back- the prize package is AMAZING!!

Here is another great Sponsor Spotlight- 

My sweet Bree was born with a head full of dark hair.  She spent most of her first year looking very similar to Don King and the only way we could tame her hair was to give her a “Pebbles” look with a ponytail right on top of her hair.
(Sorry for the poor photo quality, but I thought you needed a visual to appreciate the hair!!)

For years we have searched for a way to tame those crazy locks, but our search has produced few quality results.  She currently has fairly long hair and she tends to just wear it down with nothing to help keep it out of her face.  She is vehemently apposed to wearing a ponytail (probably still has flashbacks to her “Pebbles” stage) and she has lost more hairbands than I can count.  I love pulling up just the front of her hair to keep it out of her face, but we have been unable to find a clip that can withstand the thickness of her hair.
Until now…  Lilla Rose is an amazing company whose product line centers around unique, functional, and well made hair jewelry.  They have hair sticks, Orings, hairbands, bobby pins, and the one of a kind, Flexi Hair Clip.  I was thrilled when we were sent a Flexi Hair Clip in the mail to try for Bree’s Birthday Bash.  I have heard great things about Lilla Rose, but was skeptical to see if they had the stamina to stand up to my Bree’s crazy hair!!
As you can see it did a fabulous job!!
Bree loved the sweet fairy clip and I loved the fact that it was so easy to put in and it was so secure.  After a full day of playing, her hair was still up and had not fallen in her face one time.  Amazing!!
Lilla Rose has a hair solution for every imaginable hair type, from straight to curly, baby fine to super thick- they have something that will work for everyone.  You can find more information about sizing and styling of the hair pieces here.  (If you happen to order the wrong size or are just not happy with your hair accessory, Lilla Rose offers a no hassle one year guarantee with free return shipping for an exchange or refund).
Connect with Lilla Rose (Jennifer):
(Please be sure if you are shopping at Lilla Rose that you are on Jennifer’s page- http://www.LillaRose.bix/prettyhair/)
Stay tuned- Lilla Rose Consultant Jennifer has donated a great prize that will be a part of our Bree’s Birthday Bash Giveaway beginning August 15th!!
Disclaimer- I received no compensation for this post.  We were given one Flexi Clip at no charge to assist in this review.  The opinions in this post are my honest thoughts on these products and were not influenced by any outside source.

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