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I have always struggled with finding the right makeup that will work with my super sensitive skin.  Almost all foundations I have tried irritate and dry out my skin to the point where I can only use them for a few weeks before I have to change brands.  
A few years ago I stumbled upon a mineral makeup and once I tried it I was hooked.  I love how mineral makeup works and it has been so good for my skin.  I was thrilled when the Schoolhouse Review Crew partnered with Beeyoutiful Skin to allow us to review their great line of Mineral Makeup.


Our review began with choosing three sample colors of foundation to find the one that worked the best with our skin tone.  I was amazed when I started looking and found SO many color options.  There truly is the perfect shade for every skin type.  Not to worry, however, they offer a super detailed Foundation Skin Chart that gives you a great start on finding just the right shade for you.  
Once I received my sample foundation colors, it took just a minute for me to decide what the right shade was for me.  I loved the sample so much I just couldn’t wait to receive the full size makeup.  In addition to the foundation, we were able to choose one full size eye/lip color, and one additional sample size of an eye/lip color.  
This decision was almost as hard for me.  There are over 40 different colors to choose from and I am a super indecisive person.  Not a good combination!!  After much debate, I choose the beautiful Russet Rose as my full size sample and the fun Gold Dust for my additional sample.  A color like Gold Dust is far from my usual makeup choice, but I have been wanting something fun to kick up my look a bit on the rare occasion that I get to go out with my husband.
Once the decisions were made, I had to begin my least favorite part of the review process….waiting!!
As you can see… the wait was worth it!!

You can imagine my excitement when a beautiful package of makeup arrived at my house just a few days later.  In addition to my makeup choices, I also received the amazing Foundation Brush, a super cool Multi-use Brush, and a great informational DVD.
I was so excited to put my new goodies to the test.  As I began applying the foundation, I found the Foundation Brush to be so amazingly soft and silky.  I was actually not sure that it would be effective in applying the makeup, but surprisingly it did a great job.  The foundation went on flawlessly!!  The Russet Rose eye shadow with just a hint of the Gold Dust was a fun and spunky combination that my husband just loved!!

I was pleased to find that not only did the makeup work well with my sensitive skin and look great, but the application that I did mid-morning lasted well into the evening.  This is not usual for the mineral makeups I have used in the past.  I must say- I am hooked!!  I have gotten several complements about my “glowing skin” since I began using Beeyoutiful Skin makeup and I can’t wait to increase my stash!!

For those who might be a bit makeup challenged (like me)- then you will love the great Makeup Tutorials!!

About Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup:

Beeyoutiful Skin Makeup is:

  • 100% Pure Minerals
  • All Natural
  • Gluten-Free


Individual Makeup Items:
Foundation– $25.00 for 4.92g
Eye/Lip Color– $10.00 for .45g
Foundation Brush– $11.00
Multi-use Brush– $6.50
Beeyoutiful Skin also offers some great package deals:
Minimalistic Dream Makeup Package– $52.00
Everyday Basics Makeup Package– $88.50
All You’ll Ever Need Makeup Package– $161.00
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Disclaimer- I received no compensation for this post. I did receive a package of makeup items from Beeyoutiful Skin at no charge to assist in my writing this review. The opinions in this post are mine alone and were in no way influenced by outside sources.

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