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We are a lapbook loving family!!  It’s one of my favorite teaching tools that I use in our homeschooling- the kiddos learn so much and have such fun doing it.  My 3rd grade learner is a super crafty girl and she loves anything that resembles art.

Lapbooking is a great outlet for her artistic side, all while teaching her some really great information.  Best of all- she retains so much of what she learns while lapbooking- and she is always wanting to share her knowledge with anyone who will listen.  (Don’t believe me- check out her video below).

A Journey Through Learning teamed up with the TOS Crew to share some of their great curriculum supplements with you.  A Journey Through Learning was started by two homeschooling moms- I love working with companies who’s owners are homeschoolers.  I feel like they “get it”- they know what we need and they give it to us.  These two ladies “get it” for sure!!

A Journey Through Learning provides lapbooks and other curriculum items on a variety of topics.  Their lapbooks can be stand alone or included as curriculum supplements to enhance your students studies.  There are selections appropriate for all ages and the lapbooks are offered in black and white or color printings to allow you to choose what works best for your family.

For this review, A Journey Through Learning offered a selection of lapbooks to choose from:

EarthAstronomy and Space

Letters NumbersKnights and Castles

These titles work for a variety of age/grade/learning levels which makes them great for families with multiple students.


The EarthInstant Download– $13 / Printed– $21

Astronomy and SpaceInstant Download– $13 / Printed– $21

Knights and CastlesInstant Download– $13 / Printed– $21

Letters, Numbers, and ShapesInstant Download– $13 / Printed– $20

Our Thoughts:

For this review, we chose The Earth lapbook for my 3rd grade daughter to complete.  In total it took us about 2 weeks start to finish.  Although we have done lots of work in geography, I realized while looking through the choices that we haven’t covered information about the Earth as a whole.  I was glad that we would get the chance to study this together and I knew lapbooking would be a great way to get the information to stick with her.

THe Earth

There are so many features about A Journey Through Learning lapbooks that I truly love:

The easy to follow directions– truly a beginner can create the very lapbook we have created with no trouble.

The lapbook diagram showing exactly where all the pieces fit.  It makes it so much easier to put together and you are not left with pieces that just won’t fit anywhere.  (and from experience this can be VERY frustrating!!)

– I love that each mini book has individualized topic information making the learning super easy.  All the info you need at your fingertips and each mini book direction page has a small diagram on the top showing again where that exact mini book fits in the lapbook.

– There is just the right amount of information included with each lapbook.  I truly know that my learner is learning, but not being overwhelmed by extraneous text that she will never remember.

– I love that there are extras included with each lapbook– extra learning activities, book lists for further investigation, optional crafts to do, and so much more.  You can make each topic as broad or as detailed as you need- making it perfect for families with different age learners.

– I love that there are several how-to videos available on A Journey Through Learning’s website.  These are awesome help for beginners!!

The Earth1 The Earth2

We loved working together on this lapbook.  In fact, my sweet girl was so excited she asked to make a video to include sharing her lapbook with you.  Feel free to check it out below:


Connect with A Journey Through Learning:



Disclaimer- I received a free copy of four A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks to assist in my writing this review.  The opinions in this post are mine alone and not influenced by any outside source.  I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations.


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