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My children are obsessed with learning new languages.  I often wish they had the same enthusiasm for English as they do for other languages.  My son recently had the opportunity to take a Korean class with some of his friends and he LOVED learning how to write and say his name.  We are considering trying our hand at Latin this upcoming year- this is not as enticing for the littles as some others, but I know it’s good to give them a strong basis to work from.

So- with this passion for foreign languages, I was thrilled when the TOS Crew signed on to review Spanish for You! – a simple, effective, affordable Spanish learning program.  We have tried several Spanish programs in the past and although we have learned different aspects from each program, we have not found a long lasting program to give us a comprehensive Spanish language education.  The first thing that caught my attention about Spanish for You! was the theme based approach to teaching language.  I know that immersion and daily use are the best way to truly learn a language, and seeing that we can’t take a quick trip to Latin America, finding ways to use Spanish in our daily lives will have to be the second best option.

We were given two choices of themes to try from Spanish for You!:

Fiestas (Celebrations):



Estaciones (Seasons):



Each theme unit includes one year of learning material created for multi-age use (grade 3-8) and the Viajes (Travel) unit will be available by June 2013.

Each theme package includes:

  • Spanish for You! softcover book or Ebook
  • Plus the following downloads:
  • Audio Download (MP3) of the entire book
  • Additional Audio Download of the entire book recorded by native speaker from Mexico
  • 24-30 week lesson guide (PDF) Sample
  • Self checking Worksheets (PDF) leveled by grade (3-4, 5-6, 7-8) Sample
  • Free set of pictures for making flash cards and other activities (PDF)

The Spanish for You! website also includes a great selection of FREE Mini Lessons and FREE Worksheets to get you started on your Spanish speaking journey!!


Spanish for You! theme programs can be purchased as a complete grade curriculum (grades 3-8) – $64.95

or as separate grade levels (Grades 3-4, 5-6, 7-8) – $39.95 each

Our Experience:

I used the Fiestas Spanish for You! program with my 8 year old 3rd grade daughter that has had some Spanish education in her past.  We used the program 3-4 days a week for the duration of the review period.

What we loved:

  • I loved that I can print off the pages needed (worksheets, lesson plans, etc) as needed.  This cuts down on random papers everywhere and allowed us to make a notebook to keep track of what we have learned (note that I learned along with her most of the time).
  • We LOVED the audio files- it truly takes learning to a whole new level when you are able to hear native speakers pronounce the words correctly for us.
  • We loved the theme itself- it was really enjoyable to learn about celebrations and events (birthday parties, holidays, etc)
  • I love that I can purchase one book and use it with multiple children/levels.

What we didn’t love:

  • My only major complaint about this program was the size of the zip file which took a long time to download.  Also, when we received the downloaded files, there was very little organization to them which caused some frustration in trying to find the needed lesson guides and worksheets.  I do believe this is being worked on however and I am sure there will be some improvements in the near future.

Overall we very much enjoyed this program and I would recommend it to any beginning Spanish learners.  It is easy to implement and with the combination of the worksheets, the audio files, and the flash cards, I feel it is a very comprehensive way to learn Spanish.

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