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It’s as if the word itself mocks me. ┬áThe paper stares blank and the pen stands ready, and yet the words just won’t come.

I know they’re inside- I can feel them bubbling, begging to be released, but the bottle is tightly corked.

The distractions abound- this one and that one- always calling me from the deep quiet of my mind, not allowing for the thoughts to form words and the words to make stories.

I believe it will happen- one day, I will be able to fully possess the meaning behind the word, but for now I wait- stagnant.

Page after page of unwritten words call to me.

I pause, ponder, begin to think- the conversations in my head so real.

It’s as if my long lost friends have come to play.

They are waiting too- impatiently, for their birth.

And yet still- the papers remain blank- the pen unused- another day.


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  • Great! Love this. So, do you do a short little poem or other “writing” every Friday? Great idea to do a weekly thing.

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