Try It Tuesday- Summer Fun!!

summer is coming

Summer is my most favorite time of the year by far!!

For those of you- like me- that are dreading the next few weeks of cold, take heart…

Summer is on the way!!

I found some goodies I’m dreaming about for our backyard this year!!

reflection pool
This is a MUST HAVE!!
Sprinkler 9[7]
This DIY Sprinkler looks awesome!!
Without a doubt the coolest chicken coop I have ever seen!!
water balloon batting practice
ice chalk
Ice Chalk!!  Must do this!!
 Pool noodle marble launch game!!  So clever!!
ice excavating
 Ice Excavating!!
marshmallow shooters
And for my boys- marshmallow shooters!!

So- are you looking forward to summer?  Have any great plans or ideas to keep the kiddos busy- feel free to share them or link to them in the comments!!

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  • You are a WAY cooler mom than I am! LOL So many of those things look like such a mess (to me, but I’m a bit of a neat freak). On the other hand, sitting in the pool on that float in the first picture sounds pretty good.

  • OMG I need that inflatable pool lounger thingy in my life. SERIOUSLY. I wonder if my neighbors would think I was weird if I just sat out on my deck in it all summer….

  • I love the pool lounge! That looks so relaxing! We have no pool but I am looking forward to beach weather!

  • I love the little personal pool. That will help cool off here in the deep south. We got our boys the marshmallow shooters last year and they love them.

  • It’s already summer here in my country and the heat is a killer, but we love summer! It means swimming, swimming and swimming haha

  • THese are such cute ideas, I love the water balloon idea with the bats, but you can also do it with cut pieces of sponge and the sponge is easier to pick up then the pieces of balloon and the sponges are reusable, my granddaughters love it, the square PVC sprinkler is really neat, I am ready for the fun of summer.

  • the idea are great i am going to behaving party for thekdi this summer and then the noodle one is great and so is the ballon i coulduse the idea on the ballon with out brekaing them and putting in tub

  • I am glad I read this column! We babysit some of our grandkids in summer when they are out of school & we are always looking for different ways to keep them busy & outside (away from the TV).
    Kids get bored easy!! I like the marshmallow idea – sometimes even water balloons can hurt, if a kid whips them at another kid!

  • You have some great ideas here. I love the DIY sprinkler. Everyone needs a square sprinkler rather than those round sprinklers. I never understood why they make them round when most backyards are either sqare or rectangular. Thanks for sharing.

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