Monday Mom Moment!

This is one of my favorite notebooks- given to me many years ago by my sweet sister in law. She took a typical composition notebook and created this beautiful replacement. And I have used it and enjoyed it for years. Almost forgetting that this is a typical composition notebook- covered in beauty. Until recently- when […]

Join our Team!!

Hi friends!! Are you a mama blogger, teacher, grandparent, homeschooling parent, or aspiring writer? WE NEED YOU!! One House Schoolroom is growing by leaps and bounds and we are in need of some dedicated contributors to join our team. We are looking for: Weekly Contributors Product Reviewers Guest Posters Social Media Assistants If you are […]

Wordless Wednesday- 4/9/2014

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Monday Mom Moments!

I love that we homeschool! It’s moments like these that make all the planning and stress so worth it. These moments don’t happen as often as I would like- everyone quietly engaged in their work. I think it lasted 42 seconds- but it was a moment!!   Then I think of these sweet ladies- JoJo […]

Five Minute Friday- Writer

< Writer > It’s as if the word itself mocks me.  The paper stares blank and the pen stands ready, and yet the words just won’t come. I know they’re inside- I can feel them bubbling, begging to be released, but the bottle is tightly corked. The distractions abound- this one and that one- always […]

Wordless Wednesday- 4/2/2014

            We’re linking up our Wordless Wednesday here:  The Jenny Evolution * Create with Joy * Wordless Wednesday Blog * A Sorta Fairytale * My Rural Mommy * Mama to 5 Blessings * The Everyday Domestic * 5 Minutes for Mom * Crafty Spices