5 Benefits of Ebooks…and an Amazing Offer!!

I admit it… I have an addiction. It’s actually really quite shameful! I am completely obsessed… and I leave evidence of this addiction all over my house. (my poor children!!) I am 100% in love with books!! I have three, six foot, six shelf bookshelves in my office…. completely full.  No room left- so sad! […]

everyday matters Bible for women

  I love new Bibles… there’s just something about those new crisp pages that draw me in. It’s almost as if the pages know they were created to be read… they are so welcoming. I was given the privilege recently to receive a beautiful new Bible for review. The everyday matters Bible for women is […]

Simplified Pantry Review!!

  I love organization… and simplicity!!  Combining the two makes my heart happy.  Mystie Winkler has done just that with her fabulous three new ebooks from Simplified Pantry– Simplified Dinners, Simplified Dinners- Gluten-free / Dairy-free, and Paperless Home Organization.  I was thrilled when the TOS Crew signed on to review all three of these great […]

One Minute Mysteries- Science, Naturally! Review

  “Bridging the gap between the blackboard and the blacktop- Science, Naturally! is an independent press committed to increasing science and math literacy by making potentially intimidating topics intriguing and accessible to scientists of all ages.” Thanks to the TOS Crew, we recently got the opportunity to review, One Minute Mysteries- 65 More Short Mysteries […]

Spanish For You Review!!

  My children are obsessed with learning new languages.  I often wish they had the same enthusiasm for English as they do for other languages.  My son recently had the opportunity to take a Korean class with some of his friends and he LOVED learning how to write and say his name.  We are considering […]

Math Rider Review

  Are you looking for a fun, computer based math drill program for your kiddos?  I have just the answer.  Math Rider is an interactive, challenging game that helps children from ages 6-12 master the basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  My students have struggled greatly with memorization of the basic math facts and […]