The Sunday Social- 4/6/2014

Sunday is family day at our house- I love that Ashley and Neely post these questions early so I can still participate. The Sunday Social- All about Twitter: 1- When did you join Twitter?  October 6, 2008 was my first tweet: “baking yummy pumpkin muffins”. 2- Who is your favorite non-celeb to follow?  Oh my- […]

Five Minute Friday- Writer

< Writer > It’s as if the word itself mocks me.  The paper stares blank and the pen stands ready, and yet the words just won’t come. I know they’re inside- I can feel them bubbling, begging to be released, but the bottle is tightly corked. The distractions abound- this one and that one- always […]

#UBP14 – Time to PARTY!!

  Hi Friends!!  It’s my favorite time of year in the Blog world- TIME TO PARTY!! Welcome to #UBP14 at One House Schoolroom!!  We are so happy you stopped by. I know you have a bunch of blogs to visit so we’ll keep this short and sweet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are 5 things you should know […]

Wordless Wednesday- 4/2/2014

            We’re linking up our Wordless Wednesday here:  The Jenny Evolution * Create with Joy * Wordless Wednesday Blog * A Sorta Fairytale * My Rural Mommy * Mama to 5 Blessings * The Everyday Domestic * 5 Minutes for Mom * Crafty Spices  

Try It Tuesday- Summer Fun!!

Summer is my most favorite time of the year by far!! For those of you- like me- that are dreading the next few weeks of cold, take heart… Summer is on the way!! I found some goodies I’m dreaming about for our backyard this year!! This is a MUST HAVE!!   This DIY Sprinkler looks […]

Monday Mom Moments!

This boy- he is my baby, my youngest, the sweetest boy I know. He is always full of joy and spunk- making us laugh and keeping us on our toes. This past weekend, this sweet boy got sick- really sick. The kind of sick that makes your mama heart hurt. He was so sad and […]