5 Benefits of Ebooks!!

I admit it… I have an addiction. It’s actually really quite shameful! I am completely obsessed… and I leave evidence of this addiction all over my house. (my poor children!!) I am 100% in love with books!! I have three, six foot, six shelf bookshelves in my office…. completely full.  No room left- so sad! […]

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Monday Mom Moment!

This is one of my favorite notebooks- given to me many years ago by my sweet sister in law. She took a typical composition notebook and created this beautiful replacement. And I have used it and enjoyed it for years. Almost forgetting that this is a typical composition notebook- covered in beauty. Until recently- when […]

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Homeschooling 101- The Decision

  Homeschooling 101   Part 1- The Decision   We have been asked many times about our journey into homeschooling and I always answer the same way.  Homeschooling chose us, we didn’t chose homeschooling.  Both my husband and I were typical public school students with average grades and a semi-positive schooling experience.  We never thought […]

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