Five Minute Friday- Paint

< PAINT > Her hands caked in colors- yellows and blues and greens and reds. Wisps of hair scattered across her forehead as she is bent deep. Her masterpiece is bursting- paper wrinkled from water overused. She is lost in this creative moment of time- fully free to express her love through color. Stories come […]

Join our Team!!

Hi friends!! Are you a mama blogger, teacher, grandparent, homeschooling parent, or aspiring writer? WE NEED YOU!! One House Schoolroom is growing by leaps and bounds and we are in need of some dedicated contributors to join our team. We are looking for: Weekly Contributors Product Reviewers Guest Posters Social Media Assistants If you are […]

The Sunday Social- 4/6/2014

Sunday is family day at our house- I love that Ashley and Neely post these questions early so I can still participate. The Sunday Social- All about Twitter: 1- When did you join Twitter?  October 6, 2008 was my first tweet: “baking yummy pumpkin muffins”. 2- Who is your favorite non-celeb to follow?  Oh my- […]

Five Minute Friday- Writer

< Writer > It’s as if the word itself mocks me.  The paper stares blank and the pen stands ready, and yet the words just won’t come. I know they’re inside- I can feel them bubbling, begging to be released, but the bottle is tightly corked. The distractions abound- this one and that one- always […]

#UBP14 – Time to PARTY!!

  Hi Friends!!  It’s my favorite time of year in the Blog world- TIME TO PARTY!! Welcome to #UBP14 at One House Schoolroom!!  We are so happy you stopped by. I know you have a bunch of blogs to visit so we’ll keep this short and sweet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are 5 things you should know […]

Blogging Hiatus… and a big move!!

Hi Friends!! Just wanted to let you all know we are taking a short blogging hiatus during the month of September. For those of you who have been around for a while, you know we have moved A LOT in the last few years, including this big one across the country. Well- we have finally […]