5 Benefits of Ebooks…and an Amazing Offer!!

I admit it… I have an addiction. It’s actually really quite shameful! I am completely obsessed… and I leave evidence of this addiction all over my house. (my poor children!!) I am 100% in love with books!! I have three, six foot, six shelf bookshelves in my office…. completely full.  No room left- so sad! […]

Monday Mom Moment!

This is one of my favorite notebooks- given to me many years ago by my sweet sister in law. She took a typical composition notebook and created this beautiful replacement. And I have used it and enjoyed it for years. Almost forgetting that this is a typical composition notebook- covered in beauty. Until recently- when […]

Wordless Wednesday- 4/9/2014

          We’re linking up our Wordless Wednesday here:  The Jenny Evolution * Create with Joy * Wordless Wednesday Blog * A Sorta Fairytale * My Rural Mommy * Mama to 5 Blessings * The Everyday Domestic * 5 Minutes for Mom * Crafty Spices    

Monday Mom Moments!

I love that we homeschool! It’s moments like these that make all the planning and stress so worth it. These moments don’t happen as often as I would like- everyone quietly engaged in their work. I think it lasted 42 seconds- but it was a moment!!   Then I think of these sweet ladies- JoJo […]

Wordless Wednesday- 4/2/2014

            We’re linking up our Wordless Wednesday here:  The Jenny Evolution * Create with Joy * Wordless Wednesday Blog * A Sorta Fairytale * My Rural Mommy * Mama to 5 Blessings * The Everyday Domestic * 5 Minutes for Mom * Crafty Spices  

Try It Tuesday- Summer Fun!!

Summer is my most favorite time of the year by far!! For those of you- like me- that are dreading the next few weeks of cold, take heart… Summer is on the way!! I found some goodies I’m dreaming about for our backyard this year!! This is a MUST HAVE!!   This DIY Sprinkler looks […]