5 Benefits of Ebooks…and an Amazing Offer!!

I admit it… I have an addiction. It’s actually really quite shameful! I am completely obsessed… and I leave evidence of this addiction all over my house. (my poor children!!) I am 100% in love with books!! I have three, six foot, six shelf bookshelves in my office…. completely full.  No room left- so sad! […]

Try It Tuesday- Summer Fun!!

Summer is my most favorite time of the year by far!! For those of you- like me- that are dreading the next few weeks of cold, take heart… Summer is on the way!! I found some goodies I’m dreaming about for our backyard this year!! This is a MUST HAVE!!   This DIY Sprinkler looks […]

everyday matters Bible for women

  I love new Bibles… there’s just something about those new crisp pages that draw me in. It’s almost as if the pages know they were created to be read… they are so welcoming. I was given the privilege recently to receive a beautiful new Bible for review. The everyday matters Bible for women is […]

Quote of the Day- March 26, 2013


Snow Inspiration- Pinterest Style!!

If you happen to live in the 1/2 of the country currently under a ton of snow, then- like me- you might be going a bit stir crazy. We’ve only been out of the house once in the last 5 days= crazy mama!! So- thanks to my Pinterest addiction– I am finding some great “snow” […]

Quote of the Day- February 27, 2013