Homeschooling 101- The Decision

  Homeschooling 101   Part 1- The Decision   We have been asked many times about our journey into homeschooling and I always answer the same way.  Homeschooling chose us, we didn’t chose homeschooling.  Both my husband and I were typical public school students with average grades and a semi-positive schooling experience.  We never thought […]

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Monday Mom Moments!

I love that we homeschool! It’s moments like these that make all the planning and stress so worth it. These moments don’t happen as often as I would like- everyone quietly engaged in their work. I think it lasted 42 seconds- but it was a moment!!   Then I think of these sweet ladies- JoJo […]

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The kiddos…

it’s been a while since I’ve shared some pics of the kiddos. So here they are… Lukas and Yogurtini     My handsome boy   Birthday girl   Birthday girl and her Daddy     Lukas at the beach   Brothers   Friends   Cousins   What have your kiddos been up to this summer? […]

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