5 Benefits of Ebooks…and an Amazing Offer!!

I admit it… I have an addiction. It’s actually really quite shameful! I am completely obsessed… and I leave evidence of this addiction all over my house. (my poor children!!) I am 100% in love with books!! I have three, six foot, six shelf bookshelves in my office…. completely full.  No room left- so sad! […]

Thrifty Thursday- We heart the $1 Menu!!

Okay- so we all know that fast food is not so healthy and definitely not so good on the wallet. It used to cost us around $15 to feed our family of 4 at our local Wendy’s– not horrible, yet it takes a large chunk out of our weekly food bill. So we haven’t had […]

Thrifty Thursday- and Favorite Link Friday!!

I love being Thrifty– and I’m really not even that good at it. But the pure satisfaction of saving $25 in coupons off my grocery bill just makes all the work so worthwhile. And I LOVE Freebies!! Did you know there are companies that are just waiting to send you all kinds of great stuff […]

Thrifty Blogs around the Web

Here is a listing of the blogs YOU ALL shared with us during Week 3 of our Financial Freedom Giveaway. There are some of my favorites (denoted by the **) and quite a few that were new to me as well. Happy thrifty blogging: $5 Dinners **Money Saving Mom **Freebies 4 Mom My Penny Pile […]