10 Ways to Crush your Goals as a Busy Mom

10 ways to crush your goals as a busy mom

Have you ever wondered how to successfully set goals and craft the life you want to live. This list of 10 ways to crush your goals as a busy mom is for you!

It’s a New Year and all over the interwebs are suggestions and hacks to “Crush your Goals in 2020”!

I am all about goals- setting goals and crafting a vision are vital step in creating the life you want to live.  Realistically, however, goal setting and goal crushing for Moms is a whole different process.

Traditional goal setting advice is centered around “you” and how “you” want to spend your time.  As a Mom, I know that the time I have to spend on “me” is not in abundance, but I do realize the importance of self care and setting goals.  So how do I mesh the two?  I know that the abundance of my time is spent taking care of my family, so I have to be super intentional about what I want to do with my “me” time.  I’ve put together for you this list of 10 Ways to Crush your Goals as a Busy Mom for you!  Let’s go crush 2020!

10 Ways to Crush your Goals as a Busy Mom

One of the most popular goal setting tools today is the SMART goal setting method.  Let’s break that down and see how it can work for you.

SMART goals to help you crush your goals as a busy mom

1. Specific

Mom’s deal with constant noise and distractions in daily life, can you relate?  It’s so important, when considering your goals, to be as specific as possible.  Think down to the smallest details and really hone in on what you want to achieve.  Start with your overarching goals and then begin to backward plan to find out what it will take to achieve them.  What specific steps do you need to take this year, this quarter, this month, this week in order to crush your goals?  Be as specific as possible.  The more detailed plan of attack you have, the greater the possiblity of success.

2. Measurable

Creating measurable goals is the key to achieving them.  Often we allow our goals to be arbitrary, “I want to lose weight” or “I want to read more this year”.   Although leaving goals open-ended is a safer way to go, it will not help you achieve them.  Instead of “I want to lose weight”, try “I want to lose 15 pounds by June 1st.”  Creating a measurable outcome is a key step to crushing your goals!  Now, amidst your busy, chaotic, very loud day, you have a specific reason to forgo the extra chicken nugget on your son’s plate from lunch.  Yes, I’m guilty too, those little stinkers look so tempting!  A goal without a measurable outcome can lead to confusion and disappointment.  Be sure to be clear about your desired outcome when setting your goals.

3. Attainable

I love to dream big.  I also know the importance of setting realistic and attainable goals.  Reading 100 books in a year would be awesome, but is not a reality for me.  A more attainable goal for me would be to read 12 books in a year.  Although one book a month might be a small goal to some, I know that with my busy schedule that completing one book per month would mean I am killing the game.  At the end of the year, reaching that goal will feel awesome to me and I will be full of new ideas and information that can help me live the life I want.  So, dream big, but set your goals in an attainable place, so you can crush them!

4. Relevant

Hiking the Grand Canyon is something I’ve always wanted to attempt.  Now, it’s important to tell you, I am not a hiker, at all.  That doesn’t pursuade me from wanting to try one day.   One day being the key word here.  I know that hiking the Grand Canyon is not a relevant goal for my current life path.  That is not to say that you shouldn’t dream big, but make sure that the goals you set relate to the life you are currently living.  I’m not going give up on my Grand Canyon dream, I’ve just decided for now to explore some local hiking paths with my family.  I know that my big goal is the Grand Canyon, the smaller hikes are just steps on the path toward the big goal I will achieve one day.

5. Timely

There are different interpretations of this aspect of goal setting.  For me, setting timely goals means making sure I have enough margin in my life to achieve what I set out to do.  When I was parenting babies and toddlers, trying to set 25 goals to achieve in a year was just not possible.  My goals for most of those years was simply survival, and sleep.  Now that I have some older children (and yes, still some younger ones too), I have more margin in my life to pursue more goals.  It is so important to be realistic about the time you have to dedicate to goals outside of daily life.  Set yourself up for success by considering how much you have on your current plate, and how much you can add, without breaking it.

write it down to crush your goals as a busy mom

Now that we’ve discussed ways to set your goals, let’s crush them!

6. What’s your Why?

Determing the motivation behind the goals you set is vitally important.  As busy moms, there are days when “just one more thing” will take us out.  On those days, remembering why you’re choosing your specific goal related actions will be the difference between success and failure.  Why am I getting up at 5 am?  No, really, why am I?  Having your why in mind will really help when that alarm clock buzzes in your ear.  And why did I commit to walk the neighborhood EVERY Monday, Wednesday and Friday?  Didn’t I know that it would be cold and rainy some days!  This is not to say that you can’t deviate from your plans when needed- and a cold, rainy Monday at 5am is a good reason to deviate!  Remembering that you want to be the healthiest version of youself for your family will help you when the going gets tough.

7. Write it Down!

There is some literal magic that happens when you put pen to paper.  Truly, there is.  According to Forbes, “…people who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals.”  That’s a lot of magic!  This is one step in the goal crushing process that cannot be skipped.  Writing down your goals clearly defines them for you and gives you a detailed map of where you are going.  Reading your goals outloud daily helps you remember why the small steps you are taking every day matter.  Those small steps are leading to big goals.

8. Plan for Success!

Planning is a vital part of sucessfully crushing your goals.  Staying organized and scheduling your time are vital to your success.  There are so many great tools you can use to help you lay out your goals and schedule your days.  My current favorite goal planner is the MakseLife weekly goal planner- the simplicity of the goal setting process as well as the way each goal is broken down monthly and weekly is unlike any other planner I’ve seen.  I feel more confident in my ability to achieve my goals this year than I ever have- and my plan is to crush them!  Another super simple way to track your goals would be with a Bullet Journal.  You can bullet journal with just a notebook and pen, nothing fancy needed.  I need a bit more structure than a bullet journal offers, but it’s a system that many people love to use.  I cannot stress enough how planning and staying organized is a key to success.

9. Schedule your Distractions.

As a Mom, distractions are inevitable.  They happen all the time, all day long, everyday, always.  There is no way to schedule the distractions that your family brings into your life.  There are distractions, however, that you can schedule- self imposed distractions, such as Instagram scrolling, Netflix binging, Starbucks runs, etc.  These things are necessary for busy moms, I get it.  Scheduling these things into your day will allow for less, drop and go distractions, and better use of your productive time.  When you are focusing on the steps toward a goal and you grab your phone to google something, do not allow yourself to get sucked into the Instagram vortex.  Schedule distraction breaks where you can fully immerse yourself in the wonderful world that is social media.  Knowing you have a break coming helps to lessen the desire to scroll when you should be working.

10. Celebrate the Small Wins.

As a mom, sometimes simply getting through the day is enough.  The onslaught of do more, be better, hustle harder, can be overwhelming.  Adding new goals to an already full plate is a brave endeavor.  Please remember that making progress is worth celebrating.  Each small step you take moves you closer and closer to the goals you’ve set.  Celebrate the small wins- and each step is a small win.  If you get to the end of your set goal and you have not fully achieved it, that’s okay!  You have moved the needle forward and you’re just getting started.  Simply set another goal and keep on going.  Reward yourself for what you’ve done and celebreate because you are awesome!

time to celebrate how you crush your goals as a busy mom


I hope this list of 10 Ways to Crush your Goals as a Busy Mom was helpful to you.

Now it’s your turn! Share your goals below or send me a message– I’d love to encourage you and help you celebrate your wins.


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  1. I’m not a mom, but I do believe I could also use your tips in my case. Hope they will help me approach my goals in a more effective way. 🙂

  2. I love the SMART analogy. All great points too! But the two that spoke to me the most in your list were the last two. I learned a couple of years ago to schedule my distractions. It actually motivates me to get more done to get to those distractions and feel like it’s okay to stop for a bit. And celebrating the small wins has become a big thing here for us. Keeping morale up here all the time as best I can!

  3. I’m all for writing my goals, this keep me accountable with myself; and celebrate the small wins, doing this keep me motivated to keep going.

  4. Yes, I have found that when I break up my goals into smaller ones, they’re definitely more attainable. I like to use my Reminder app on my phone to help me keep things moving, as well as Trello!

  5. Loving the SMART way to look at goals. As well as celebrating wins…sometimes we get so lost in the fact that we haven’t accomplished everything that we forget the entire thing is a process and a journey.

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