Easy Feingold Diet Meals

So… we are finishing up day 3 on the Feingold Diet – and things are looking up a bit. It has not been an easy road for us this far- we have had some issues figuring out easy Feingold Diet meals, but I think we’re finally getting the hang of it.

Here’s what we have been eating the last few days:


waffles and cantaloupe
organic cereal with goat milk
cinnamon toast, scrambled eggs and sliced pears


peanut butter and honey sandwiches, carrots, and pretzels
Ian’s mini chicken sandwiches and fresh steamed broccoli
peanut butter and banana sandwiches, pineapple, and pretzels


rice pudding


whole wheat pasta with fresh broccoli, peas, and carrots in Alfredo sauce and pineapple
black and small red beans and rice with sweet yellow corn and cheddar cheese
chicken nuggets, whole wheat macaroni and cheese, and pineapple

So it might not be the super healthiest we have ever eaten, but we are still working out the details. I am not only working with the Feingold Diet, but my hubby has recently gone vegetarian and will only occasionally eat some fish/seafood items. That makes this a bit more difficult with the already limited food selection. I really need to go back to the grocery store and get a few other items, but we are trying to only go shopping once a week. I might be able to hold out- we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Just for fun- here are two of my favorite kitchen items- (please don’t mind the horrible pictures I am desperately in need of a new camera):

feingold diet meals favorites

This is a trivet made for my by my sweet Aunt Myra for one of my bridal shower goodies for my bridesmaids. The pattern is the SC State Flag with the Palmetto Tree. It is super useful as it sits between the burners on my stove and I rest my wooden spoons on it while I am cooking. It makes clean up so much easier with the only mess being on the trivet, not on the stove top.


feingold diet meals pot
This is my favorite, favorite, little helper in the kitchen. It came from the cookware set my mom had when we were growing up and it is so useful to me because we don’t have a microwave so it makes melting butter, cheese, etc. so much easier. (You can see the butter I just melted to go in the brownies I am making… they smell SO yummy!).

I hope these easy Feingold Diet meals have been helpful to your journey.  I am going to enjoy some yummy brownies (Feingold friendly, of course) with my family.  Warmest wishes to you all!!

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