Educational Websites for Middle School Students

Finding good, quality, FREE educational websites for middle school students can be a difficult task.

Middle School students are an interesting paradox.  Many of them see themselves as super mature and ready to take on the world.  There are others who are content to remain in the less demanding role of a child.  Most of them are a solid mix of the two.  Education, especially homeschooling, can be a challenge for them.  While they feel like they are old enough to do many things, they also enjoy the simpler, child-like fun they have experienced in the past.

At this age, they are grasping for independence in their learning. Often they are not quite to the point where they can handle it all themselves.  There are some great resources we have found to help us through these challenging times.

We listed below a great selection of Educational Websites for Middle School Students. These websites do a great job of combining both higher-level learning with fun graphics and games.  This allows for educational experiences and fun at the same time.  Win-win for all!

Here are our Top Picks of Educational Websites for Middle School Students:


Educational Websites for Middle School Students: Fun Brain

Created for kids in grades Pre-K through 8, Funbrain.com has been the leader in free educational games for kids since 1997. Funbrain offers hundreds of games, books, comics, and videos that develop skills in math, reading, problem-solving and literacy.  Educators and parents can trust that their children will have a fun and safe experience at Funbrain.


Coolmath.com is a fun, interactive website that focuses on building mathematical skills. Whether your child loves math or hates math, Coolmath.com can help them sharpen their skills in higher-level math curriculum. The colorful site will draw them in and they will have so much fun playing, they may not even realize they’re learning. This site is also great to help with the homework problems that have everyone stumped. Bookmark this one as a good future resource for higher-level math.


Educational Websites for Middle School Students- Prongo

Prongo.com is an educational website for kids. They offer fun, interactive, and educational games for kids. Prongo.com also offers kids clip art, wallpaper, kids jokes, screensavers, and more. Prongo.com provides hours of learning fun for kids and resources teachers need to have a fun and productive classroom.

NaNoWriMo Young Writers

NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program is an online platform that encourages students to tackle writing their first novel. This website is brimming with encouragement and advice for young writers. It culminates in a one-month novel writing challenge.

Fact Monster

Educational Websites for Middle School Students: Fact Monster

Fact Monster is a treasure trove of interactive information.  It covers every subject any student could need and all in a fun and informative way.  Fact Monster is a great resource for homework help, to assist with research papers, or just to explore for fun!  Fact Monster has it all!

OK Go Sandbox

OK Go Sandbox is an online resource that uses online music videos to allow students to explore STEAM concepts and projects. These videos will encourage your students to dive into designing new creations integrating art science and math. It’s easy to navigate and a great resource for students learning from home.


iCivics.org is a great tool for introducing children to the concepts of government and the role that everyone plays in the big picture. It’s a fun, interactive platform that will keep children engaged and learning while allowing them to begin to understand the bigger topics they will be needing in their futures.


Educational Websites for Middle School Students: Arts Edge

The Kennedy Center instituted ARTSEDGE in 1996 as its educational media arm. Their quest is to reach out to schools, communities, individuals, and families with printed materials, classroom support, and Internet technologies.  Their collection of free digital resources includes lesson plans, audio stories, video clips, and interactive online modules.  It is a great option to assist in bringing the arts into your middle school student’s lives in a new and exciting way.

educational websites for middle school students

We hope our top Educational Websites for Middle School Students help you find a great option for bringing educational online learning to your middle school students.  Let us know below if you have a favorite educational website that we missed!

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  1. I agree, its an interesting age. They are learning to be more independent when it suits them. Reverting to childhood when it doesn’t.

  2. Francisca Garreton says:

    We use a website that complies with the Australian curriculum called IXL. There are some great resources out there! So many tools to learn and make it fun!

  3. I like this, definitely helpful for middle school, if only I had such websites during my time.

  4. I realize that the internet completely revolutionizes teaching. Twenty years ago there were no resources like this. It is a completely different ball game not just for the students, but also for those teacher-minded individuals who would like to ensure that the growing generation really gets the education they need.

  5. Enriqueta Lemoine says:

    Middle School was the hardest for my little one. Now he’s a high schooler and he’s blooming again! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a great round up of websites – it is amazing the different ones out there now to help students.

  7. Oh wow, this is such an article full of great website recommendations! I saw Fact Monster once and the website looks really attractive! Thank you for sharing this!

  8. It seems like many of the educational sites around the web were created with either the
    elementary student or the college student in mind. But there are a number of sites that would be
    of interest to students in the middle school grades.

  9. The internet makes it so convenient and easy to permit enrichment of our kids. These sites sound like fabulous complements to the school day instruction.

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