History on Horseback: The Early Years {Review}

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History on Horseback: The Early Years by Sonrise Stable Books is a great read for any horse lover. My father owns a small horse farm and he has several horses that my children have loved over the years. Their affinity for horses comes from first-hand experience, so History on Horseback was an especially fun read for us.

About History on Horseback

History on Horseback: The Early Years is a supplemental history curriculum that covers the years 1493 to 1866. It contains short story accounts of some of the first horses in history.

Each story is no longer than a few pages. This makes them super easy to read and flexible enough to fit into any existing history curriculum. The series begins with the horses’ first arrival in America. The following stories explain how they came to be the asset that they are in many trades.

It takes the stories we’ve heard about in history books for years and brings a new life to them by spotlighting the role that horses played in each account. We had such fun experiencing history this way.

Our Experience

We added History on Horseback: The Early Years as a supplement to our current history curriculum. We found stories that mirrored some of the topics we were studying and read those along with our other weekly readings.

The stories were very thorough and had great details that kept my busy boys interested. Some weeks, I just let one of the boys pick a story that interested them and that’s what we read.

Lewis and Clark

Having strong familial ties to Native Americans, the story of Lewis and Clark has always been a family favorite. Finding that story in this book was so exciting and one of the first ones the boys wanted to read.

This story was so fun for us. In all the ways we’ve studied this story and this period of history, I’ve never considered the role that horses played in it. It was very interesting to find out how Lewis and Clark acquired the horses from Chief Cameahwait. They were an integral tool in the expedition crossing the Rocky Mountains.

We were so interested to find out that Lewis adopted the Native American way of working with the lameness of his horses. He crafted “mockersons” or hoof boots from buffalo skins to put on the horses that were lame. Such a cool fact that we now know.

History on Horseback Series

The future of the History on Horseback series is exciting. Coming in 2020 is a study guide for History on Horseback: The Early Years. The second book in the series and a study guide to go with that is in the works as well. In 2021, the third and final book/study guide combo will be released.

Once all the books and study guides are available, they can be used as a comprehensive stand-alone history curriculum.

Pricing for History on Horseback

History on Horseback: The Early Years can be purchased for $17.99.

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