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Home School in the Woods Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of Home School in the Woods Timeline Figures through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

About Home School in the Woods

Created and run by the Pak family, Home School in the Woods is a rich resource for homeschool history tools. With products such as timeline materials, map sets, history studies, activity paks, Lap-Paks and more, they set the standard for quality history materials in the homeschool market.

U.S Elections Lap-Pak

U.S. elections

With this being an election year, Home School in the Woods U.S. Elections Hands-on History Lap-Pak is a great introduction to the United States Presidential election process. It is so important to introduce these concepts to our children when they are young. The more they understand about our country and the way our election system works, the more likely they will participate when they get older.

I always take my children with me when I vote to give them first-hand experience of the process. This U.S Elections Lap-Pak will give me the tools to explain the process even more thoroughly for a more meaning full experience with my children this year.

History Through the Ages Historical Timeline Figures

timeline figures

I have been looking for a way to introduce the concept of a historical timeline to my younger children. We study history every week, but it’s been hard to give them a visual representation of the people we’ve been studying and how they all fit together.

When I first opened the History Through the Ages collection of historical timeline figures, I was a bit overwhelmed. There are over 1260 figures in the collection from these different time periods:

  • Creation to Christ
  • Resurrection to Revolution
  • Napoleon to Now
  • America’s History
  • and 80 bonus figures

As I began to look through them, I decided the best approach was just to start where we are and move forward. We cycle through history every 4 years, so I knew we’d come back and meet the characters from the past soon enough.

Home School in the Woods

The first week, I had my son choose a piece of colored paper and I printed out his history sentence and the timeline figures that went with that sentence. We cut them out and he pasted and washi taped them to the paper.

I really loved that we were getting additional details about each person or group of people and how they fit into the puzzle of history. My son enjoyed reading the additional information as well and I really felt like he connected to these historical figures more than I have seen before.

Home School in the Woods

We’ve continued this approach for the last several weeks. My son loves that he has a hands-on project that he can complete every week. I’ve even caught him sharing information about what he’s learned with his older brother and sister, so I know he’s absorbing the information.

With hundreds of timeline figures to explore, I expect to be using this collection for years to come. I love that we have this tool to deepen our understanding of how history fits together and I look forward to meeting many more of these interesting characters in the future.

Home School in the Woods timeline figures

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Pricing for Home School in the Woods

History Through the Ages Historical Timeline Figures collection – $73.95

U.S. Elections Lap-Pak – $18.95

Final Thoughts:

I love that Home School in the Woods is such a comprehensive resource for homeschool history tools. The collection of timeline figures we now have will last us throughout our homeschool journey. I know that having a physical representation of each historical figure will make history so much richer for my children.

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