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Calling all homeschooling Moms and Dads!!  I’ve finally found it- the Holy Grail!!  As much as I’ve always loved being a homeschooling parent, my enthusiasm has been tempered every year by our struggle with finding a math curriculum that would work for us.  I admittedly do not like math- it is my nemesis.  I did not do well in math in school myself, and I’ve passed those math hating genes down to my own kiddos.  It’s sad, I know, but it’s our biggest struggle in homeschooling to date.

But, friends, fear not- if you too struggle with math, then I might just have a solution for you!  The Learn Math Fast system is a comprehensive K-12 math curriculum that teaches all the major concepts of typical math curriculums with none of the unnecessary fluff.  It takes the struggle out of the daily math doldrums and shines a big light at the end of the math curriculum tunnel!!

So how does it work?

Learn Math Fast starts with the basics- learning how to sort numbers in your head and takes you straight through to Algebra II in a concise and rhythmic way that allows for even the most hesitant math learners to grasp.  I have an 8th grader who has NEVER done well with math- through no fault of her own, but my struggle with math has become her own.  When I presented her with the idea of Learn Math Fast and the suggestion that we could master these difficult math concepts in less time, she was totally on board.

We started with the online placement test and then we dove in.  She needed to go back and pick up some math steps that she had missed along the way, and she is now only a few weeks in, but I have seen such a difference in her ability level and her tolerance of math lessons now.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s excited about math, but she does enjoy the daily lessons and the sense of accomplishment she gets from truly understanding the concepts that are being presented.

The lessons are structured with instruction first and then a worksheet for practice.  I love that the worksheets are short and contain just the right amount of problems for mastery and not too many that they incite frustration!  I was initially a bit concerned about the answer keys being included in the back of each book, but I have come to find out the fact that they contain full solutions to each problem with all the work shown actually gives my math learner a sense of independence in her lessons.

There are also several hands on manipulatives that help to enhance learning at different levels.  So far, the Big, Big Bookmark has been the #1 hit for us.  It’s a great reminder of basic math concepts that help when working through higher math problems.  In addition, there is a Geometry Kit and a set of Smart Cards that assist in the higher volumes.  These simple additions help to round out this curriculum with hand on practice of harder concepts.

The Learn Math Fast curriculum solves many problems that homeschooling parents face in our quest to offer the best options for our children while also providing us with support in one of the more difficult areas to teach.  It is obvious that J.K. Mergens, author of Learn Math Fast, is not only a well skilled mathematician, but also a fellow homeschooling parent.  This combination of knowledge allowed her to create a math curriculum that meets the needs of both homeschooling parents and their students alike.

What did we love?

Oh let me count the ways…

  • We love that there is no fluff- the lessons are concise and challenging, but not frustrating.
  • We love the simplistic order of concepts and the systematic way the lessons build on themselves.
  • We love that repetition is okay!  Mastery of each lesson is required, but the ability to go back and redo a lesson relieves so much of the stress of perfection.
  • We love that students can advance in levels in weeks, not months or years.
  • We love that the books are able to be used by multiple children with the option of printing worksheets and tests online.
  • We love the supplemental items, such as the Geometry Kit and the Big, Big, Bookmark.
  • We love that the higher volumes focus on SAT and College Entrance Exam Preparation.

What did we not love?

  • The only thing I could really find that was a drawback would be that the pages were black and white and did not contain any color.  Although this was not an issue for us, I could see a younger student wishing for a bit more interest in their lessons.

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The full set of Math Curriculum including Volumes 1-7, One Geometry Kit, One Big, Big Bookmark, and One set of Smart Cards are $289.   Individual Volumes vary in price from $45 to $59, however there are several discounts on packages of various sizes.

Final Thoughts:

We were thoroughly pleased with our time spent using Learn Math Fast.  I truly believe this could be a great fit for many homeschooling families.  It would work well with different learning challenged students as well as for typical learners that want a solid math curriculum without all the fluff.  My only regret is that we did not know about this system for my oldest child, who had many learning challenges- I think this could have worked so well for him.  I am so happy that we have found this curriculum and that we get the opportunity to share it with you!

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** We received a full curriculum set from Learn Math Fast to assist us in this review.**

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  1. This sounds great! Thanks!

  2. Melissa McDorman says:

    Very interested in trying !!

  3. Great article. I hope i win the giveaway so i can use these to teach my kids and myself

  4. I have been interested in trying this with my 15 yr old math challenged daughter with learning differences. We have tried so many different math curriculums for her.

  5. I do not love math, but I’d love to try this series. Thanks!

  6. Charlene S. says:

    I love basic math, anything too complicated drives me crazy!

  7. My son loves math. I’m not good at math at all. I would love this so he can start math independently!

  8. Kelly Fowlkes says:

    Arghhh….Math! Lol! Anything that makes it easier sounds like heaven.

  9. I like math, and it is the most difficult subject for my my daughter. I would love to try a curriculum that my daughter can easily understand and be successful with.


    I love Math, but I hate that most curriculums are teacher lead. I guess I just don’t like to teach math, lol

  11. Julie Terry says:

    I don’t like math, but my daughter does.

  12. Laura Aiuto says:

    We have been struggling with math lately and I’m looking for a new curriculum so this is quite timely!

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