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Math Rider {Review}


Are you looking for a fun, computer based math drill program for your kiddos?  I have just the answer.  Math Rider is an interactive, challenging game that helps children from ages 6-12 master the basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  My students have struggled greatly with memorization of the basic math facts and they LOVE computer games, so when I was offered this review, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

Math Rider was created out of a desire for a fun and easy way for children to learn these basic math skills.  There are many unique aspects of this game that sets it apart from many other online math programs we have tried.  My children loved that the learning was incorporated into a fun game.  The player rides their horse, Shadow, on quests throughout fantasy lands created beautifully with digitally matte painted moving backgrounds.


With one purchase, up to 8 children can use the program allowing for friendly competition (which my children love)!!  My son has always been a bit more of a math whiz than my daughter, but the programming of this game allows for individualization for each of them.  The game learns which problems they are getting correct and which ones they are missing, and tailors the program to target their problem areas.  This means that each are being challenged at their own level (which I love)!!

I also love the overview map included for each player- this gives me a quick glance to see where my kiddos are doing well and where they are struggling.  This is great information for me so I can include those areas they are struggling into other aspects of our math curriculum (drills, practice sheets, file folder games, etc.)  Both of my children have thoroughly enjoyed working with this program- it is a great supplement to any curriculum.

When I questioned my children on their favorite aspects of Math Rider, my son said he liked that he could see “how good he was learning” (LOL.. apparently we need to work harder in our Language Arts) and my daughter said she loved “that Shadow could take her on magical adventures.”  That’s high praise for a math game.

During our review period, my children played Math Rider each day during our four-day school week and we saw significant progress in both of their retention of math facts.  Neither has reached mastery yet, but they are both striving for it and the “friendly competition” keeps them both on their toes.  I really enjoyed using this program and I feel sure it will continue as a part of our math curriculum for a long time to come.


Here’s what sets Math Rider apart from other similar math programs:

  • Covers all mathematic applications- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Supports multiple players
  • Detailed statistical reports allows you to track your children’s progress
  • You will know when your child completely masters an operation- and they will know it too!
  • Provides an individualized experience for each player based on their strengths and weaknesses
  • The noble quests promote such character qualities as caring, honesty and kindness
  • Free future software updates without additional costs

System Requirements:

Math Rider uses the Adobe Air program.  That gives it the ability to run on Windows or Mac.  Your computer requires about 80MB of space on the hard drive.  Your monitor and graphics card need to support a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

You can sign up for a FREE 7 day trial here.

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  1. So glad you shared this! My kids are having trouble memorizing math facts too but they love games.

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