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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of Page A Day Math products in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Page A Day Math with the Math Squad is a daily math program that incrementally increases children’s fluency in math skills. The program builds upon itself so daily students are drilling new math problems while also practicing previous skills. This helps to create confidence and build mastery of necessary math skills.

About Page A Day Math

After realizing that their own children were struggling with basic math concepts, The Math Squad created a program that would help build not only math skills but also confidence in mathematic abilities.

Page A Day Math Product Line Includes:

  • Math Handwriting Introduction (10-book set, Pre-K)
  • Addition & Math Handwriting Set 1 (10-book set, PreK-K)
  • Addition & Math Handwriting Set 2 (10-book set, PreK-K)
  • Addition & Counting (10-book set, K-1st)
  • Subtraction and Counting (11-book set, K-1st)
  • Addition (12-book set, K-1st)
  • Subtraction (13-book set, 1st-2nd)
  • Multiplication (12-book set, 1st-3rd)
  • Division (12-book set, 1st-4th)
  • Review Books (4 books, 1st-5th)
  • Flashcards (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, K-5th)
  • Math Assessments (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, K-5th)

This robust product line allows parents to take their children from beginning math skills of addition and subtraction through the more challenging multiplication and division. Mastery of these skills is imperative for success in higher-level math programs.

Each Page A Day Math Set is devoted to one individual math skill and includes math handwriting practice in the form of tracing numbers for each problem. Each book includes a front and back page daily skill sheet and the books build on themselves as the student advances through them.

These sets are not intended to be a complete curriculum, and they include no actual math instruction. They are a wonderful supplement to any current math curriculum that you may be using.

The books themselves are small paperback books, measuring a bit over 7.5″ x 7.8″. The pages are mostly black and white with pops of color here and there. This way the colorful illustrations are not distracting from the problems themselves, but it allows for some interest on the pages.

Each book contains 14 days of skill work with stars to color at the end of each day. This helps the student feel a sense of accomplishment as they are working through the books. Each set contains between 10-13 books, so you are advancing through the skills at a solid pace.

In addition to math skill books, supplements such as flashcards, assessments, and handwriting books are also available. These help to increase knowledge and allow parents to be able to track the progress of their students.

Our Experience

We were given a physical Page a Day Math Multiplication Set to try with our 2nd grader. He loves math and is actually already in a 3rd-grade math curriculum, but he struggles with writing numbers correctly.

I thought this program might give him the practice he needs to increase his handwriting ability, while also building his multiplication skills. I started by giving him the first of the multiplication assessments and then we dove into book one of the multiplication set.

From the first day, I could tell this would be a winner for us. He actually enjoyed the lessons! They were short enough that he didn’t complain, yet thorough enough that I can already tell his skill are improving.

Most importantly, I can see a difference in his ability to write his numbers correctly. The added tracing of numbers is a great bonus for these little books and is just what we needed to see progress where he was struggling.

I would recommend these books to any parent, whether homeschooling or not, whose children might need some help conquering basic math skills. They are a great supplemental product and we will be using them throughout this summer and beyond.

As a bonus, we will be using the Page A Day handwriting books to help build our handwriting skills. I am also excited to jump into the Pre-K Math set with my 3-year-old- getting a jump start on math skills is a great way to start his school journey.

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