The Action Bible Anytime Devotions Review

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The Action Bible Anytime Devotions

About The Action Bible Anytime Devotions

The world today can seem like an uncertain place. When life gets topsy turvy, children need a place they can go to feel safe and find the truth. The Action Bible Anytime Devotions, published by David C Cook, is a fun, engaging resource that shares the truth of God’s Word with children, in short, simple devotions.

I have two wiggly, busy boys and trying to find a devotion that can keep their attention is a difficult task. The Action Bible Anytime Devotions has been just the thing that helps my busy boys focus and learn the concepts that can help them when life seems uncertain.

Each devotion has full-color images and helps your children:

  • Learn God’s Word with an action verse
  • Apply it to what’s happening in their lives
  • Relate it to real people from the Bible
  • Think about it to help their understanding grow
  • Talk to God using quick prayer guides
  • Share with others through questions and simple action
  • Take it further by going back to the Bible

How we used The Action Bible Anytime Devotions

Read Aloud- Mom

We started using The Action Bible Anytime Devotions in the morning during our daily devotion time. Honestly, that time has been a struggle for us for a while. My two busy, active boys do not enjoy sitting and listening to devotions, no matter how short they might be.

We usually let them do something active first thing in the morning and then we sit down for a few minutes of time with God. The first day I introduced The Action Bible Anytime Devotion, I was met with groans and frustration. Then I opened the book. From the first page, I had their attention.

The pictures are engaging and the colors are bright. The devotions themselves are short enough to keep their attention, yet deep enough that they were getting the concepts that were being shared.

The prayer guides and action steps brought life to the devotions and gave my boys actionable ways to apply what they were learning. After that first morning, we were all hooked.

Read Aloud- Son

Another place where we often have struggled is when it comes to reading time for my 8-year-old. He is a proficient reader, but he just does not enjoy it at all. We have to really compromise when it comes to the things he will read independently.

A few days into using The Action Bible Anytime Devotions, my 8-year-old asked if he could read one. I was shocked, excited, and of course, I said YES! He read the devotion that day. The pride on his face when he was done was beautiful. From that day, he has been the one to read our devotion almost every day.

The fact that this devotional not only teachers my busy boys great biblical concepts, but also encourages them to read is an amazing thing to me. I am so happy that we started using this devotional and we will be continuing with The Action Bible series when we complete it.

Sample Devotion

The Action Bible Anytime Devotions Sample
The Action Bible Anytime Devotions Sample

What We Loved About The Action Bible Anytime Devotions

The biggest win for us was that the colorful images and engaging devotions enticed my reluctant reader to read! For me that is priceless.

I loved the length of the devotions. They are short enough to keep my little boys engaged, but long enough to share the concepts in a way that they remember.

The other thing I really enjoyed about these devotions is the “Take It Further” sections at the end of each devotion. These tie addition Bible stories into what we have read. It’s a great way to pique the interest of little boys. We have detoured many mornings into the Bible for more digging into these great stories.

What We Didn’t Love About The Action Bible Anytime Devotions

The paper quality of these books is very thin. Although the pictures and color quality is top-notch, the paper is similar to that of a comic book. I actually enjoy the feel of the paper, but it is prone to tear more easily than I would like.

This hasn’t been a huge problem for us. I simply remind my boys to be extra gentle with it, as we would with our Bibles. So far, it has held up just fine, even with our constant use.

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You can purchase The Action Bible Anytime Devotions for $13.80/paperback and $9.99/Kindle.

Final Thoughts: Overall, we really enjoyed adding The Action Bible Anytime Devotions to our daily devotion time. It was a great way to keep my busy boys engaged and allowed my 8-year-old to practice reading aloud. Anything he will read without a fight is a win for me!

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