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Top 5 Educational Websites for Preschoolers

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Having preschoolers in today’s world is challenging.  Most children have their own electronic devices by the time they are 2 or 3 years old, some even earlier.  Many of the sites available online offer nothing more than passive watching.  It is draining our children of valuable learning time and energy.  So what’s a parent to do?

We all want the best for our children and we know that learning starts right from the beginning.  With such a technology driven society, how do we give them learning opportunities that they will enjoy and we will feel good about them using?  There are now many options for good, wholesome learning for our preschoolers.  They will love using them and not even realize they are learning valuable skills for their futures.


Here are our Top 5 Educational Sites for Preschoolers:


Educational Websites for Preschoolers: ABC Mouse



provides a full online curriculum for children ages 2-8 years old.  There are over 8,500 activities ranging from Reading, Math, Science, & Social Studies. They span over 10 levels, and there are options for every child regardless of age, competency level or interests.  Your child will feel the accomplishment of their achievements with a step by step learning path.  Each step includes tickets and rewards, a customizable avatar, and many interactive reward options.  This award-winning curriculum is a favorite of parents.  They love the ease of use and ability to track their children’s activities.  There is no commitment and a low monthly cost that makes ABCmouse.com a great fit for families.  For a limited time you can take ABCmouse.com on a FREE 1 month trial run!


Educational Websites for Preschoolers: Fun Brain Jr.


Funbrain Jr.

is a great option to help your children jumpstart their journey of learning.  It includes fun and interactive games, stories and printables.  Your children will not even know they are developing math, literacy, and problem solving skills.  They will love playing and learning and you will love knowing they are increasing their skill level in many key areas of education.  Best of all, you can let your little learner’s play independently or you can sit and play together!  Try Funbrain Jr. and let us know how much you love it!

Educational Websites for Preschoolers: Nick Jr.



Nick Jr.

is a long time favorite website for many families.  There are tons of games to play and episodes to watch that all feature favorite Nick Jr. characters.  Tons of hours of educational fun available.  The addition of the Nick Jr. birthday club provides even more excitement.  You can schedule a birthday phone call from your child’s favorite character- and who wouldn’t love that!  You can also get ideas for fun birthday plans, and find tons of birthday printables to help you create an amazing birthday for your little one.  There are tons of fun learning opportunities for children of all ages on NickJr.com.  Try it out and let us know what you think!

Educational Websites for Preschoolers: Sprout




online website is a great option for children.  Featuring some favorite Sprout characters, children have the option of watching videos or playing games. Parents can also print coloring pages or discover fun and easy crafts to complete with their children.  There are great learning opportunities that help to develop early literacy skills as well as improve eye hand coordination.  Valuable computer skills are also built while children are interacting with some of the adorable Sprout characters.  Overall, Sproutonline.com is a great option for both children and parents.

Educational Websites for Preschoolers: Starfall



has been teaching children how to read for over 10 years!  Their systematic approach combined with fun games, videos and stories makes Starfall a great educational alternative to other entertainment website geared toward children.  With educational options in early literacy for Preschoolers through 2nd graders as well as special needs children and ELL students, their truly is something for everyone.  Give Starfall a try with your children and let us know what you think!



Have a favorite preschool website we didn’t mention?  Be sure to share it with us in the comments.

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  1. teamcartwrightblog says:

    My son loves the NickJr games. They are great for teaching basic computer skills. We use them as a fun reward!

  2. I haven’t known about these other then ABCMouse. I’ll definitely have to try them with my daughter.

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