Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting {Review}

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Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook by Everyday Education LLC is an all in one reading and handwriting supplement. It is a gentle introduction to both reading and writing through the use of italics, a simple, beautiful handwriting method.

About Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook

The Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook is a gentle approach to introducing children to the beauty of reading and writing. With 60 short, easy to follow lessons, your child could be well on their way to reading success.

First written by Caroline Joy Adams, Janice Campbell of Everyday Education LLC fell in love with it when she used it to homeschool her first son. When she wanted to purchase another copy years later to use with her second son, she was dismayed to find it had gone out of print.

She was determined to bring it back for another generation of children to enjoy and has since added it to the products offered by Everyday Education LLC.

Lesson Breakdown

The Alphabet

The Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook starts with an overview of the alphabet. The first few lessons are the vowels and then it moves through the remaining letters throughout chapter two.

The following chapters break lessons down into reading and writing, with optional schedules based on your child’s educational level.

Suggested Schedules:

Reading/Writing Lessons

The lessons are short, so as to keep the attention of younger students. My busy boy was able to sit through a lesson with no problems and enjoyed trying a new method of writing.

Knowing that handwriting is a huge struggle for him, I was so happy to see that he willingly tried this without any struggle.



Our Experience

I was excited to try Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting with my 2nd grader who struggles greatly with handwriting. I thought the change in approach might be good for him.

He was happy to try something new and didn’t even balk when he found out there was reading involved in the lessons. We started with the alphabet and then moved on to the first few reading/writing lessons.

He was always willing to do the lessons, which speaks volumes about the content of the program. Unfortunately, the writing portion just did not work for him. I thought the italic method of handwriting might be a better option for him, but he was not able to make the transition.

I do think this curriculum would be a great fit for any family wanting a gentle approach to reading and handwriting. It leans toward the Charlotte Mason method of education and I’m sure it would fit nicely into any family already schooling using that method.

Ultimately, I decided to go back to our standard handwriting curriculum for him. I was determined to use this ebook though, so I decided to give it a try myself. Recently, I have noticed that my handwriting has gone downhill. I figured a refresher might be just the thing I needed.

Chapter 6- Handwriting Review

Chapter 6 starts with a review of the alphabet for anyone older who might want to give italic handwriting a try.

I started with the alphabet overview and was happy to see how easily I was picking up the style. It’s far from perfect, but I am excited to see how much better my writing can advance using this method.

Pricing for Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook

You can purchase Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook for $27.00. The print copy can be purchase for $29.00. You can purchase both in a bundle for $39.00.

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